Noroeste/Galería was created in Santiago, in 1994. Marian Diéguez and Antonio Ibáñez were their founders, both with a long previous career in design, production, marketing and export of contemporary jewellery from their gallery in Madrid. The original idea was to present in the gallery his work and that of other relevant authors from the northwest of the peninsula: Galicia, of course, but also the north of Portugal, Asturias, León… Hence the chosen name, a word that is the same in all three languages, Galician, Portuguese and Spanish.

The original idea was to present in the gallery one’s  work and that of other relevant authors from the northwest of the peninsula: Galicia, of course, but also the north of Portugal, Asturias, León,… Hence the chosen name, a word that is the same in the three languages, Galician, Portuguese and Spanish. Soon this geographical area was surpassed. For years there were two or three exhibitions a year of work by established international authors, which alternated with exhibitions of newcomers who began their careers with expectations of a solid future. Josefa Castro is a good example of these new values “born” in Noroeste, now director of the company.

In 2010, Noroeste opened a new workshop in which our personal workshops were unified. Visible and visitable by the public, the acceptance among our clients was such that in 2013 we were encouraged to go one step further and add Noroeste/Galería and Noroeste/Obradoiro in a single location, where it would be possible to make the entire production process of our pieces visible and thus strip a little of a work that sometimes turns out to be too impenetrable.

This is how our current space was born.

Our Services Our Services Our Services


We accept to design and make pieces commissioned by the client if their demands are close to our particular style.


A deep knowledge of gems and a special love for coloured stones allows us to search for and acquire special gems on customer demand in distant markets.


A part of our regular work is the design and manufacturing of institutional and corporate gifts, as well as a limited series for events.


The table and desk object is one of our confessed passions.

About us About us About us

Antonio Ibanez (Vitoria, 1949)

“Perfection is simple. The difficult thing is to achieve it.”

He studies Art History at the Complutense University of Madrid, which he combines with Goldsmithing and Jewellery at the School of Applied Arts and Artistic Trades.
Stay in London where he works as an apprentice in antique jewellery restoration workshops. First contact with the world of stones and learning cutting techniques.

He set up his first professional workshop in León in 1978, from which he began to sell his pieces in different Spanish galleries. The scope of his work forced him to move the workshop to Madrid in 1984, where a few years later he opened his first store in Mercado Puerta de Toledo. At this same time, he began to export his pieces to Japan where he maintained a permanent presence for ten years.
Overwhelmed by what he understands as an excessive size of his market, he decides to “back down.” He returned to his homeland, actually, the land of his wife and close collaborator, Marian Diéguez, and together with her he founded the Galería Noroeste in 1994.

Some exhibitions of special significance

1984 Spaanse Kunst. Galerie Nouvelles Images, The Hague, Netherlands
1985 25 Sieraden Ontwerpen. Gemeente Museum, The Hague, Netherlands
1986 Ob Art. Paris, France
1987 Individual. Galerie Cappazza, Nancy, France
1990 Design in Crafts. Fondo de Bienes Culturales, Havana. Cuba
1990 Spanish Designers.Tokyo, Japan
1990 A century of Spanish Jewellery. Itinerant, Spain
1992 Carmen: jewellery design in Spain. Basel, Tokyo and New York.
1995 Individual. El Candor Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
1997 Galicia, Terra Única. Ferrol, A Coruña
1999 Individual. Hipótesi Gallery, Barcelona
2004 Crafts and Design: 100 proposals for the new millennium. Itinerant, Spain
2008 Galicia 25. A culture for a new century. 1983-2008. Caixa Nova Foundation, Vigo
2008-2009 Galicia: 25 years of the Galician Culture Council. Itinerant, Galicia
2016 Art, Crafts, Design and Sustainability in Galicia. Torrente Ballester Foundation, Ferrol
2016 Galician Crafts Award
2017 Artesanía no Prato. Cidade da Cultura, Santiago de Compostela.

Josefa Castro (Santiago de Compostela, 1979)

“Harmony, formal beauty exists. Our job, our vocation is to find it.”

He completed his Artistic Baccalaureate at the Mankato Institute in Minneapolis in the speciality of ceramics in 1997.
The following year he moved to London, attending seminars on applied design at the London University of the Arts and perfecting his English language.
In 1999, supported and motivated by the Noroeste Gallery, she began her training as a jeweller at the Massana School, taking the Artistic Jewellery Training Cycle.
In 2003 he completed his studies at the Ontario School of Arts and Design, Toronto.
She returned to Santiago de Compostela in 2004, creating her first workshop, presenting her first collections and holding her first exhibition, of course, at the Noroeste Gallery, a project to which she will continue to be linked ever since.
In these early years, his collections are in the Prime galleries, Toronto; Noel Guyomarch, Montreal; Alea, Barcelona; Amaranth, Barcelona; Ignia, Menorca; Istra, San Sebastian.
He won the Galiza Crea contest in the 2008 edition and participated in exhibitions such as “Galicia 25. Unha cultura para o novo século” held by the Caixanova Center in Vigo and in the collective exhibitions held annually by the Prime and Alea galleries.
In 2011 she became a partner and co-director of the Galería Noroeste and began a new adventure with Antonio Ibáñez, creating a new space in which the gallery was unified with their respective personal workshops without any type of physical division, uniting the creation, manufacture and sale of his pieces in Noroeste Obradoiro in 2013.
In 2016 he participated in the exhibition Art, Crafts, Design and Sustainability in Galicia, held at the Torrente Ballester Foundation in Ferrol. Win the Galician craftsmanship award with the "Voluta, Volutidae" pieces.
In 2017 she became director of Noroeste Obradoiro and participated together with Antonio Ibañez in Artesanía no Prato, carried out by the Fundación Centro Galego da Artesanía e do Deseño in the Cidade da Cultura in Santiago de Compostela.


After 30 years of activity, the Noroeste Obradoiro project is expanding. From now on it opens up to new fields of contemporary craftsmanship and is completed with the work of creators of the stature of Idoia Cuesta, Celso Fereiro, Pallium, Aitor Martínez and others who will accompany us in the immediate future.

Celso Ferreiro

Traditional knives

[A Fonsagrada]

[A Fonsagrada]

In his region, A Fonsagrada, which has traditionally been linked to iron, Celso recovers and updates the ancient knowledge of iron to preserve the memory of his culture and his artisan skill.


Textile crafts



Using traditional Galician procedures and materials, it produces undeniably contemporary products.


Basketry and textile



In her work, based on the fusion of basketry with textiles, she investigates the versatility of the resulting pieces.


Wood crafts

[Figueiro, Pontevedra]

[Figueiro, Pontevedra]

Aitor's work focuses on woodturning in all its forms and artistic wood sculpture.

Rina Menardi


[Gruaro VE, Italia]

[Gruaro VE, Italia]

Rina's intention is for the object not to impose itself, but rather to suggest sensations, both visual and tactile, capable of evoking our deepest emotions.

Ojea Studio




A workshop inspired by the southern Galician coast, where they combine engineering and ceramics to design and create their work.